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suwanee ga photographersOne thing I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with lately is long exposure photography or basically using a very slow shutter speed.  In children’s photography, it’s far more common to use as fast a shutter speed as possible, to freeze the movement of a child.  I would typically try to keep my shutter at about 1/500th of a second ideally, 1/250th and I get a little twitchy.  If in bright sunshine, I don’t mind going up to 1/4000th of a second and then I never get unwanted motion blur.

Back in June, we visited the Woodruff Arts Center and one of the outdoor, interactive displays was “Los Trompos” or spinning tops.  I got this crazy idea to attempt to freeze my subjects, but allow the spinning tops to blur.   It was tough, because I had no idea what I was doing, it was a lot of trial and error.  But I found the resulting images were pretty cool.  Here’s one of my favorites that you’ve probably seen.

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Since that time, I’ve played around more with my camera using a slow shutter.  It’s not something common among portrait or children’s photographers, for sure, but I love the effect.  It’s very common for landscape and night photography.  I’ll have to get on the ball and edit some pictures I took on the 4th of July- long exposures were pretty cool for fireworks and also for capturing the kids on a little ride that spun around.

I love the picture at the top of my oldest daughter giving her little sis a push up the hill on our cul de sac.   The girls always get stuck at the same point and have trouble keeping their momentum to get up the hill.  It’s definitely not tack sharp, as I’m still working to learning the panning technique for keeping my subject in focus – you have to pan the camera at the same speed as your subject, and it definitely takes practice!  But I like it anyway.

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