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child photography in gwinnett countyA year ago February 20th, AJ had his first febrile seizure.  Because I had no idea what was happening, I left him on his back, afraid to move him.  I saw his lips turn blue and the color leave his face as he slipped away.  My baby boy, the thing on this earth I adore more than anything.  It was the most horrible experience of my life.

At that moment, firemen burst through my front door and laid him on a stretcher in my foyer.  I ran upstairs to put on clothes while they loaded him into the ambulance.  I was hysterical and not allowed to sit with him in back.

I spent about an hour of my life believing my son had died.  As we approached CHOA, I heard him start crying, and I was told he was going to be ok.

I know that without the efforts of three firemen from the Duluth Station 7, my son would have died.  Three men: Long, Layton, and Keough.

Tomorrow, we’ll go to the station to visit them for the first time.  I had meant to go earlier, to thank them…a few weeks after the seizure.  For AJ’s birthday in July.  Around Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  I know I’m not in an emotional state to hold it all together and more time isn’t changing that.  So, we’ll finally go tomorrow.  My Dad, who was there that day, will join us.  A sweet and talented friend of mine, Jenna, will also come to document our visit.  I’m so grateful for that.

I have never gotten over that day.  For some reason, a little part of my brain lives in a parallel universe where he died.  When he’s particularly cute or goofy, I mentally pinch myself – this moment wouldn’t exist in that other universe.  I think of all the joy and love he brings to my life and I can’t shake the thought that it could’ve been so different.

I cry whenever a firetruck and ambulance race by with sirens blaring.  I tear up often, as I pass station 7, at least twice a day.  We pray for the firefighters every time we drive past.

I’m hoping that all of the terrifying images of that day will be replaced by wonderful pictures of our visit tomorrow.  Hopefully, it’ll be a time of gratitude and healing.

AJ had another seizure in July, while we were at my parents’ neighborhood pool.  He was next to me when he drifted off and the seizure began.  The second time was easier than the first, because I knew immediately what was happening and what to do.  We did take another ambulance trip to the ER.  I hope he never has another one.

The picture above is a little more contrived than what I usually go for.  But I like the symbolism of the reflection – the way I still live partly in a world where he died.  But maybe that’s ok.  It keeps me grateful.  Every day, I give thanks that I still have my boy.  For those men who saved him.  I haven’t forgotten the pain of that day, and maybe I never will.  But maybe that’s ok.  But tomorrow we’ll say finally thank you in person.

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To learn more about my friend Jenna, who’s so sweet and generous to offer her talent and time to our family tomorrow, visit her website: Atlanta Wedding Photographers and Videographers (Her and husband Evan are We Two Photo | Video.)

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Outdoor Child Portrait Before/After | Photographers in Gwinnett County

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I wanted to share another fun before and after.  I enjoy doing these for two reasons.  First, I like to encourage all of y’all out there by showing you that my photos look a lot like yours right out of camera.  There’s nothing special or fancy about my camera or lens.  (For the most part…The lens used here did create a lovely creamy background.)  And secondly, because I occasionally come across someone who truly believes that photography is simply a matter of pressing a button, uploading and sending pictures to a client.  The price of hiring a good photographer takes into consideration years of work, practice and experience, and also how much your photographer invests into furthering their education.  I’ve spent a considerable (ask my husband!) amount of time and money over the years taking courses to improve my shooting and editing.  I also put a great deal of time into each photograph.  This one actually took me much longer than normal, probably a bit over two hours.  But in the end, I’m happy with the result and it matches my vision of the image when I pressed that little button.

This is a sweet little girlie, the daughter of a longtime friend of ours.  Actually we go waaaaaay back, before we were even married!  They came over Saturday to hang out and it was a lovely January day, probably 60 degrees, so we took the kids to Sims Lake Park to take a walk and run off some energy.

Because of my 365 project, I try to think about what my favorite part of the day will be, or what makes a particular day unique.  I also can’t resist taking my big girl camera to my favorite local park, where I’ve done dozens of photo sessions over the years.

I wanted to get a picture of this sweet girl to give to her Dad.  It was mid-afternoon, maybe 1pm, and the sun was rather harsh.  I needed to underexpose the entire picture, so I didn’t blow the highlights around her hood and hair.  This presented a big challenge during editing, because I had to bring up her skin tones and really struggled with finding the right balance.  I used Sarah Wilkerson’s CMYK method (which is typically waaaaaayyyy too technical and mathematical than what I normally dive into!)  But it helped me to correct her skin tones and I think I got pretty close.  I could go back and forth for hours, but after struggling for a long time, I think I landed as close as I’m gonna get for now.

Here’s the straight out of camera (SOOC) shot:

best photographers in gwinnett county

And after again (Edited in Lightroom & Photoshop):

best photographers in gwinnett county

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Hi, I’m Amanda, a photographer in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  You’ve found my personal blog where I share posts on a wide range of topics, but please be sure to hop on over to my main business site for more information.  I hope you enjoyed this dramatic transformation! Thanks for stopping by~

Before/After Fun in Photoshop | Photographers in Gwinnett County

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This is one of my favorite photos, taken last Spring, of my best friend’s daughter.  It had been a really rainy few weeks.  (It’s been a really rainy year, no?)  So, we just gave up on the idea of a traditional Spring-y portrait session at a park, and instead we’d embrace the rain and go with it.  She already had cute boots and an umbrella, so why not? The day we chose for doing the pictures was off and on rainy, and not exactly raining at the time of our shoot.  Good for me and my gear…not awesome for “rainy” pictures.  Enter Photoshop.  I definitely took some serious artistic license with this one, just for fun, to make it fit what I envisioned in my mind.

Here’s the Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC) shot:

fine art photographers in gwinnett county



Hi, I’m Amanda and you’ve landed on my personal blog, where I post all sorts of randomness related to my life and kids, photography, food, being a mom, etc.  Feel free to bounce over to my photography business site, where I keep it a bit more formal: Photographers in Gwinnett County

Children’s Photography | Before & After in Photoshop

I really enjoy messing around in Photoshop and even more, learning new tricks and tips.  I think in the couple years I’ve been using it, I’ve only barely scratched the surface of what’s possible.

Occasionally, I hear from prospective clients that I’m expensive as a photographer.  I take that as a compliment, thank you.  But actually, I think I’m pretty cheap considering that I spend so much time with every photo.  I do not simply press the shutter button, upload photos, press another button to batch edit them, and send them off to you.  I could…I used to before I learned how to edit.  But now, I could never go back.  It’s actually too fun for me!  But I typically spend about 45 minutes or so to hand edit ONE photo.  Might sound crazy, and I certainly couldn’t do that if I were a wedding photographer, but since I deliver small galleries of about 20-30 images, I can get away with it.  If I quoted you $600 for a two hour session plus 20 images @ 45 minutes a piece…you do the math 😉  That’s a lot of late nights because I spend my days chasing around three little maniacs (or cleaning up after them.)

So, before you say, “wow, your camera takes really nice pictures- what kind is it?” Consider that what comes out of my camera really ain’t nothing special.  The magic happens afterwards in Photoshop.

This is a typical edit for me, took right at about 45 minutes, and here’s the before and after.

best photographers in gwinnett county ga

After raw adjustments in Lightroom and artistic editing in Photoshop

best children's photographers

SOOC (Straight out of camera- no adjustments made.)

Children’s B&W Portrait | Gwinnett County Photographer

child photographersHer mama is ordering prints for a wall display of her three kids and asked for this photo, which I had previously edited in color, to be in B&W to coordinate with the photos of her other kids.  I love this picture so much that I think it looks great either way!


Hi, I’m Amanda and thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to check out my business page for more photos and info.  I am a Gwinnett County photographer and serve areas such as Suwanee, Duluth, Buford, Sugar Hill, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, etc.  I love photographing children, family portraits, and high school seniors, but what I love more than anything are Fresh 48 Newborn Hospital Sessions.  These are documentary-style sessions done in the hospital within a day or so of delivery.  I also offer Day-in-the-Life sessions for families- capture your family’s beautiful and messy every day life in an authentic way – no posing, bribes or “cheese!”  Any questions?  Drop me a line at or 404-838-8997 (text/voice.)

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A favorite from one of many beach trips this summer to Buford Dam Park.

My daughter Logan  was chilly and wanted to wrap herself in a towel, but still wanted to be in the water.  I kept telling her she couldn’t go in the water with her towel.  She likes to test me.

Turned out to be a beautiful shot though.


Amanda Myers is an Atlanta photographer who loves capturing her kids and family’s real life.  She strives to create beautiful lifestyle photographs by looking for interesting light, creative composition, and moments that she’ll never have back.

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family photographersMy two girls.  I adore this photo.

Yesterday was National Sibling Day, and I posted a few of my favorites over on my main business page: Atlanta Family Photographers

On that post, I talked about how I dream for my kids (all three of them, there’s a little buddy that’s not pictured here!) is to grow up to be close friends.  Much of my beliefs about the importance of sibling relationships and how my husband and I *attempt* to live that out is based on the message series by Andy Stanley called “Future Family.”  I believe it’s a 6 part series, with each message being about 30 minutes long.  The 5th and 6th parts are AMAZING.  But I’d recommend listening to all of them, as they build on each other and so much can be learned from the first several messages.  The fifth message is actually coined the “Parenting Brain Dump” by Andy and his wife Sandra, who tag team on all of their best and scripturally-based parenting tips and beliefs.  So much good information!  I’ve listened to it probably nearly 10 times and need to listen until it’s memorized!  The 6th part is the finale, and one of the best, most fascinating explanation of two major Old Testament stories – Joseph and his brothers and Jacob & Esau.  I know, you’re all “boring!” but no, really, it’s amazing stuff!  And a major lesson to be learned in the legacy we leave our children and beyond.

You can watch online, listen while folding laundry, or download the podcast.  Also, find discussion questions and more here:  Future Family Series | Andy Stanley | Northpoint Community Church.  Trust me.  It’s worth it.  If you listen, comment below and let me know your thoughts.


Amanda Myers is a family photographer based in Suwanee, GA.  She loves to capture the connection between family members, and her unique blend of traditional family portraits and family photojournalism has made her one of the most popular Atlanta family photographers.