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family photographersMy two girls.  I adore this photo.

Yesterday was National Sibling Day, and I posted a few of my favorites over on my main business page: Atlanta Family Photographers

On that post, I talked about how I dream for my kids (all three of them, there’s a little buddy that’s not pictured here!) is to grow up to be close friends.  Much of my beliefs about the importance of sibling relationships and how my husband and I *attempt* to live that out is based on the message series by Andy Stanley called “Future Family.”  I believe it’s a 6 part series, with each message being about 30 minutes long.  The 5th and 6th parts are AMAZING.  But I’d recommend listening to all of them, as they build on each other and so much can be learned from the first several messages.  The fifth message is actually coined the “Parenting Brain Dump” by Andy and his wife Sandra, who tag team on all of their best and scripturally-based parenting tips and beliefs.  So much good information!  I’ve listened to it probably nearly 10 times and need to listen until it’s memorized!  The 6th part is the finale, and one of the best, most fascinating explanation of two major Old Testament stories – Joseph and his brothers and Jacob & Esau.  I know, you’re all “boring!” but no, really, it’s amazing stuff!  And a major lesson to be learned in the legacy we leave our children and beyond.

You can watch online, listen while folding laundry, or download the podcast.  Also, find discussion questions and more here:  Future Family Series | Andy Stanley | Northpoint Community Church.  Trust me.  It’s worth it.  If you listen, comment below and let me know your thoughts.


Amanda Myers is a family photographer based in Suwanee, GA.  She loves to capture the connection between family members, and her unique blend of traditional family portraits and family photojournalism has made her one of the most popular Atlanta family photographers.